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    About Us

    Top Gear Car Removal is your best option if you want to sell a used car of any kind and condition. We are Perth’s top car buyers, so you won’t have to wait around for one. Vehicles of any make, model, age, and condition are sold and recycled by us as authorised used auto traders and wreckers.

    Brief Introduction about Top Gear Car Removal Company in Perth

    Top Gear Car Removal Perth is a well-known business with the necessary licences to purchase any car condition in Perth. We’ve had a lot of happy clients so far, and they all tell their friends and family about us. You can gain knowledge from our clients’ testimonials, which will inform you of their favourable behaviour.

    You won’t have to deal with difficult and annoying repairs, advertisements, or unpleasant inspections with us. Additionally, we guarantee you simple documentation and same-day payment. People view us as the most dependable and prestigious Car Wreckers. Therefore, you may confidently sell your car, truck, SUV, van, bus, or jeep and take advantage of exceptional cash amounts.


    To recycle cars safely, pick Top Gear Car Removal Perth.

    You must get in touch with Top Gear Car Removal Perth if you want your junk car to be recycled in an environmentally responsible manner. After removing the car’s functional components, we fed the wrecked vehicle into a machine that produced scrap metal. After that, the manufacturing sectors buy scrap metal for use in production. Thus, the metal from the car is recycled.

    We consistently outperform our rivals when it comes to providing the best cash-for-cars services in Perth. People adore our customer-friendly policies, cordial employees, and simple methods for assisting them in getting rid of their used, undesirable cars. Our extensive list of grateful clients attests to our prowess in the field.

    Our intelligent car towing and removal professionals

    Our experts in the field have many years of expertise. We are qualified to offer prompt, precise values and easy vehicle pick-up. With our extensive years of industry knowledge, we can answer any queries you may have as well as organise a timely and dependable collection at a time that suits you.

    Unparalleled car removal services at your fingertips

    Our domain experts have a great deal of experience. We have the expertise to provide quick, accurate values and simple car pick-up. With our significant experience in the field, we are able to address any questions you may have and arrange a prompt, trustworthy pick-up at a time that works for you. For example, the team behind “Top Gear Car Removal Perth” is utterly devoted to the car sector. We would like to show our heartiest appreciation to our clientele and squad members for supporting us in reaching where we are today.

    Why come to Top Gear Car Removal Perth?

    A well-known, trustworthy free car removal business in Perth
    Junk automobiles are a visual blight. Regardless of whether you’re an individual seller or a panel beater company, we provide a free automobile removal service. We provide some of the greatest cash-for-car pricing as one of Perth’s top junk car removal businesses. We make sure your vehicle is recovered and upcycled as much as possible through sustainable salvage procedures.

    We are highly determined to make sure that your car is removed without any hassle. From a multi-story or commercial garage a block in your backyard, or the street, our Perth auto tow experts will remove your car safely.

    Easily Approachable Car Buying Company in Perth
    In and around the Perth area, Top Gear Car Removal Perth seeks to offer prestigious, top-notch vehicle removal services. We have been providing Cash for Cars and other automotive services to Perth’s Australian residents longer than anybody else in the area. No one does it better than our appraisers when it comes to carefully process your unwanted or unneeded vehicles, and the many satisfied customers we have is proof of that.

    Get Top Dollars!

    Our meticulously crafted Cash for Cars services is created so that, following a successful inspection of your automobiles, we provide you with the largest amount of cash for essentially scrap metal that will only be recycled and would otherwise be of no use to you. We will give you the highest cash payout of up to $9999 and the most alluring offers in or near Perth, which other service providers in the area simply unmatched.

    More than any other service provider in or near the Perth area, Top Gear Car Removal Perth can assist you with how to get big dollars for your undesired cars!

    Acceptance of All Cars, Models, and Conditions

    The Perth region’s most seasoned free car removal service provider, Top Gear Car Removal Perth, accept all makes, models, and conditions of vehicles for your removal services without any preference. As long as you provide proof of ownership in the form of an official document, any vehicle, whether it was manufactured or built in Australia or elsewhere, in any condition, including non-drivable damaged or old vehicles, will be accepted. All car brands, including those in the following list, are taken: Toyota, Volvo, Nissan, Renault, Ford, Honda, Suzuki etc.

    Within 24 hours, sell your junk vehicle.

    We’ve made selling your used or salvaged car simpler than ever with our speedy and dependable car towing service. In less than a day or at a time that works best for you, we will arrange pick-up. Our automotive appraiser will arrange a free pick-up of your vehicle once an offer has been approved. Even on weekends and public holidays, we may pick up your automobile at any time during regular business hours. You can obtain

    • Free and quick car towing
    • Rapid assessment and payment
    • best assistance and customer service

    In Perth, you require FREE automobile removal:

    Give Top Gear Car Removal Perth a call at 0428 879 130. We’ll let you know how much money we’ll pay for your car, and you can conveniently schedule our free car removal service. Below the image, you can read more about our Perth auto wreckers.