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    Get a high-quality free car removal service from Top Gear Car Removal!

    We are your Perth car buyer, offering a fantastic option to sell cars. Get up to $9,999 cash for any make and condition automobile. With our customers as our top priority, we have earned the reputation in Perth as the best car removal company, providing services that are second to none.

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    Top Gear Car Removal provides a wide range of car removal and cash-for-car services, including:

    • Unwanted Car Removals
    • Cash for Old Cars
    • Used Cars for Cash
    • Cash For Accident Vehicles
    • Flood Damaged Vehicle Removals
    • Recycling of Scrap Automobiles
    • Wrecked Vehicle Removal
    • Free Vehicle Removals
    • Cash for Wrecked Cars
    • Removal of Junk Vehicles
    • We Pay Cash For Junk Cars
    • Environmentally Friendly Automobile Disposals
    • Green Vehicle Disposal
    • Cash for Cars Cash for Trucks
    • Truck Removals at No Cost

    What Makes Top Gear Car Removal Perth’s Best Car Buyer?

    It isn’t easy to compete with our purchasing process and services. To begin, you obtain a quick cash quote, which can be received over the phone or online. We tailor our services to the needs of car owners of all types and conditions.

    For example, if you have a used car, we have a network of used purchasers that can help you sell it swiftly. We are so confident in our purchasers that we will make you an upfront payment of $9,999, which we guarantee will be our best or highest cash offer.


    If you have a scrap car, we are the recyclers who will obtain the maximum amount of money for its metals. Not just the metals, mind you. We even recycle the car’s oil and tyres. If your car has been in an accident, search no further for wreckers who will pay the most for your vehicle.

    We are the wreckers who will accomplish this. We disassemble engines and recycle cars after they are nearly shelled. Our knowledge of our industry, the automotive sector, is profound. So extensive that we can pay top dollar for any car in any condition and provide all of our services as a courtesy.

    Top Gear Car Removal’s services ensure that car dealers are not taken advantage of. When selling an automobile, we give our customers services that are second to none in terms of speed and ease. We offer a great way to sell a car with each automobile we buy, providing cash payments of up to $9,999 and ensuring the following services:

    Top Gear Car Removal will buy your car without requiring you to leave your property. Our professional team is constantly on the move, travelling throughout Perth to provide our customers with free removals at their leisure. When we make a car seller an accepted offer over the phone or online, we will arrange for car removal. Our car removal services in Perth are always free of charge to our clients.

    Scrap Cars: It might be difficult to dispose of scrap cars. Open plots and landfills can wreak havoc on the ecosystem by allowing unneeded pollutants to enter. Top Gear Car Removal buys unwanted automobiles and provides owners with not only cash but also eco-friendly disposal that leaves the minimum environmental footprint.

    Cash for Cars: With our cash for cars payments, our customers can receive up to $9,999 in cash, regardless of the make or condition of their vehicle. We are the Car Buyers who buy used, junk, damaged, fire, flooded, salvaged, accident, and other cars for cash. Top Gear Car Removal can pay you the total price for your unwanted vehicle. With the ability to purchase any make and condition of a car, you have a car buyer who puts the most money in your pocket. We can help you sell your unwanted car!

    Why Should You Pick Us?

    When you choose Top Gear Car Removal as your Perth car buyer, you are choosing a firm that has earned its name on honesty, dependability, and integrity. We are a buyer concerned about the pricing we provide for automobiles of any make and condition, as well as the services we provide, because each reflects our firm. When we acquire cars, we do not make the process difficult. We ensure that the transaction is quick and clean and that the sale of your car is hassle-free. Top Gear Car Removal wants to make you our best cash offer of up to $9,999 when you choose us.

    How Does It Work?

    To get your automobile sold and removed, call us or fill out our internet form at the top of this page. Our purchasing method is designed to be quick and easy to use, with five simple steps: Don’t hesitate to contact us with your vehicle’s make, model, year, and condition. Accept or decline our Cash for Cars offer.

    Request a free automobile removal at a time that is convenient for you.

    While you wait for our technician to arrive with the papers and cash to buy your automobile, gather your car’s title and photo ID, and remove the plates! Count your money. Our purchasing
    technique is quick and easy. Contact us over the phone or online for a quick quote or more information about our services. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Us. Call 0428 879 130